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Apartments are located in the historic building, where was founded chocolate factory “BIRUTĖ”. That is why our apartments are being called “Sweet apartments”. We hope that your rest and sleep will be sweet as chocolate.

The first candy export to the United States of America.

Candy factory “Birutė” is one of the oldest Lithuanian companies, esatablished in 1911, May 21. The factory owner and founder was a public figure mr. V. Vaitkus.

“Birute” since the start of its operations, yet under Russian regime, produced candies with Lithuanian inscriptions.

Currently produced various (up to several hundred) types of candies and chocolates. Daily production were from 3.000 to 5.000 kg of products. Factory had over 100 workers. “Birute” was the primary Lithuanian candy factory which had developed a significant export of its products to United States. Also it exports to Germany, Denmark and other countries. From every country that candies has been exported to “Birute” received an excellent feedback.

In several agricultural and industrial exhibitions “Birute” was awarded with several gold medals for their products.Also, “Birute” were involved in foreign exhibitions. In 1928 at exhibition in London “Birute” received a silver medal.

“Birute” also provides its products all over Lithuania. Products in Siauliai were shipped with a beautiful factory car, which was entirely made out of advertisements.

The Lithuanian society, who experienced “Birute” candies, always left a positive feedback. Also “Birute” were making a perfect gifts of candies and chocolates for any occasion. “Birute” was one of few companies that have been very popular in Lithuania and world wide.