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How to get to

"The Hill of Crosses"

   20 min

by Bus

~20 eur

Forth - Back

Bus Track no: 12

                          There are two ways to get to "The Hill of Crosses.

                                                       First Way:

Easiest one, but more pricey way is probably to get a taxi located next to a bus station or get one booked online (cheaper) at 




Journey might roughly cost you 20eur (forth-back). If you ask for a driver to wait for you until you're done the fees may vary, so make sure you get the final price from the driver. It only takes 10min or so to fully walk around the hill excluding the monastery.

                                                      Second Way:

Cheapest way. There is a bus departing from platform 12 at the bus station every hour or so. You can check on bus schedules here




Make sure you double check on schedules with the info center at the bus station it changes from time to time. Journey by bus roughly takes 30min. Stop you need to get off is called "Domantai (Domantu)". Then you'll have to walk about 2km by foot down the road shown bellow.























In order to get back to bus station you'll have to walk back these 2km to "Domantai" stop but now wait at the one which is at the opposite side of the road going to bus station (Siauliai) direction.

If you got any questions regarding your journey or stay please feel free to ask us anything. Thank you, we hope you'll have a wonderful time in Šiauliai.


With Love,

Saldus Apartamentai,
Pigi Nakvyne.


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